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Move-In Day Information

We are excited to welcome all of our Residents to campus, especially those that will be joining us for the first time!

Fall 2019 Move In Day Dates        

  • August 6th - RiverPark Campus

  • August 8th - Main Campus                       

Move-In Day Check-In Appointments

Login to the Housing Portal to select your appointment time.  Students can check in through Saturday, August 10.

Mandatory Housing Meetings

New Students: August 10, 7:30pm

Returning Students: August 11, 4:00pm

More information about Housing Meetings will be sent via email prior to Move-In Day.

Early Arrivals

The Residence Life Office uses the time all the way up to Move-In Day to properly train our staff and prepare each area for the Big Day. We are unable to accommodate all students with requests to check in early; however, we do understand that some students are involved with CSU Academic or Departmental activities that take place prior to move-in day.

To request an early arrival for students participating in mandatory activities prior to Move-In Day, please fill out the Early Arrival Request Form in the My Housing Portal for approval. If you have any questions, contact our Director Sarah Secoy at

Where Do I Go to Check In?

  • RiverPark Campus: Check in will be centralized in the Broadway Crossing Lobby, located at 25 West 10th Street, for all RiverPark Residents. Please park on the 3rd-5th floors of the parking garage located on Front Avenue. See map below.

  • Clearview Hall: The physical address for Clearview Hall is 58 Clearview Circle. Students will begin the check-in process at the Mock Pavillion adjacent to Clearview Hall.   See map below.

  • The Courtyard at CSU: The physical address for the The Courtyard is 3815 University Ave. Please park near your building. Students will begin the check-in process with our staff at the patio near the office.

  • Maryland Circle: Residents should check in at the Courtyard Housing Office during your scheduled appointment time. Each house is located on either Maryland Court or Maryland Circle, and your house number is your physical address.


RiverPark Map 2019 Map

How do I know if I am eligible to Check In?

Students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to move in. Students should not just show up to Move-In Day unless all of the criteria are met. We really do not want you to make the drive if we are unable to let you move in.

  • Students must be fully accepted to CSU, and must be registered for at least 1 class.
  • Students must have applied for housing and paid an application fee and activity fee. Students are not able to move into a room the same day that the housing application is submitted.

Overflow Housing Information

As the demand for campus housing continues to be high, we are making plans for overflow housing to accommodate our students. For more information, please click here .

Things to Bring and Not to Bring

For a detailed list of what to bring and what not to bring with you on Move-In day, please click here .

If you would like to purchase items for your room, please click here to see how you can save money on great stuff!

Homeowner's or Renter's Insurance

Columbus State University does not assume any obligation or responsibility for injury to any person, or loss of or damage to any personal property. Residents are encouraged to purchase appropriate insurance to cover such possible losses and to take valuables with them during break periods.

The following site has some useful information on the benefits of renter's insurance:

To help you with your research, here are links to three insurance companies that market themselves to college campuses:

CSU does not recommend any particular company over another, nor do we endorse their services. These three companies have developed successful reputations on college and university campuses around the country.

Along with these companies, most other insurance companies which sell home owner's insurance will also sell "renter's insurance" to students in college residence halls. Families are encouraged to check with their own insurance companies to shop for the best deal.