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Living Experience Communities and Interest Communities

Living Experience Communities (LECs) and Interest Communities (ICs), are communities in which students with common interests and goals are able to come together to live, learn, and share with one another their goals and passions in life. Students in LECs or ICs enjoy the same amenities and features that other students enjoy, but they also maximize their on-campus living experience by being involved and active in smaller communities based on common majors or interests and fostering greater student-faculty-staff interaction that goes beyond the classroom.

Students that participate in LECs or ICs are more involved, grow stronger friendships, are more successful in their transition to college, have higher GPAs, and graduate sooner that the national average. Other advantages include:

- Enhanced Leadership Opportunities
- Natural Study Groups
- Enhanced Faculty/Staff Interactions
- Internship/Shadowing Opportunities
- Involvement in the Community

LECs and ICs, and their benefits, are available to all students at NO EXTRA COST!

Living Experience Communities Offered

Turner College

This LEC is designed for students who have an intended major within the Turner College. Students will have the opportunity to interact with faculty and other students within their major field.


Music students will have the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff in the Music Department, meet potential mentors, engage in conversations around their passions, and live in a community with students that have similar interests. (Music must be intended academic major to be considered.)

Nursing & Health Sciences

Nursing and Health Science students will have the opportunity to not only live in a building with other major specific students, but will have supplemental programming that will assist them in both their personal and professional career growth. (Acceptance in each program is required to be considered.)

Interest Communities

Honors Housing

Honors Housing is for students with a high academic focus who will live with similar high-achieving students as they will be engaged and exposed to academic and social programming. (Acceptance in the Honors College required to be considered.)

Career Exploration

This IC assists students in looking into what career opportunities are available to them, find what passions they have, and how those passions could develop into a future career.

First Year Leadership

The Freshman Leadership IC is a community designed for students who want to be leaders in the classroom and on campus. It will expose student's theoretical leadership concepts that will focus on what a leader is and how to become a leader.

Social Justice

This inclusive community is designed for students who share an interest in social justice and desire to engage in open discussions on opportunities and challenges concerning class, race, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and other identities.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for an LEC or IC is EASY!

Once you know 100% sure you will be attending CSU, you will then fill out a housing application to live on campus. During the housing application, you will have the opportunity to select which of the LECs or ICs you are interested in.

When signing up, be aware that some LECs and ICs have certain requirements. Please select and look at each individual LEC and IC page above to see if you qualify for each specific one.

After applying, you will then be placed into a LEC or IC that you've chosen. If you select multiple, you will be contacted to see which community best fits you and your interests. To prevent any confusion, those that are place in an LEC or IC, will only be able to select a room in the specified location of that community.